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Luxury Walk-In Tubs

walk-in bathtubs kalamazoo miWalk in baths from All-Star Remodeling & Design combine the highest quality safety features with luxury options for a relaxing bath that is especially great for those with limited mobility. Walk-In Bathtubs can accommodate the needs of seniors, people with mobility challenges, and anybody who has trouble getting in and out of the bath. If you’re worried about bathroom safety, consider talking to an All-Star Remodeling & Design Specialist about installing a walk-in tub during your next bathroom remodeling project.

Nearly 2/3 of all bathroom injuries happen near your tub or shower. They usually happen when you try stepping over your tub wall, slip on a wet floor, or lean on a shower door that wasn’t meant to support your weight. The severity of these injuries significantly increases after you turn 65. One in three adults over 65 experience falls each year.

We’re here to help! Your bathroom can still be a place you go to relax, and you can do it safely with a walk-in tub.

Features & Benefits of Walk-In Tubs

Not all walk-in tubs are made equal. Elegant Luxury Walk-In Tubs from All-Star Remodeling & Design deliver real performance with an in-line heater and 20 different jets! Just sit back and relax. Owning an Elegant Walk-In Tub is like having your own spa. Some of the features include:

  • Durable Fiberglass with Gelcoat finish
  • Watertight door system with a Lifetime Guarantee
  • Slip-resistant tub floor and seat
  • Decorative bright chrome faucets and shower extension
  • 1,500 watt in-line heater
  • Lifetime door handle warranty
  • 14-jet ait bubble system for a complete gentle massage
  • Quiet 400 watt air blower
  • Underwater six color LED light
  • 6-jet water massage system
  • Variable speed air controls
  • Premium adjustable jet system with deluxe back massage
  • Quiet 900 watt whirlpool pump
  • Built-in FM radio with speaker
  • Full function fingertip LED control panel
  • 12 volt Ozonizer

luxury walk in tubs kalamazoo

Benefits of Hydrotherapy:

A Full Soak (up to the chest):

  • Balances emotions & soothes the nerves
  • Eliminates insomnia
  • Erases muscle strain
  • Reduces hemorrhoids
  • Reduce arthritis pain
  • Increases circulation
  • Promotes elimination of impurities
  • Helpful to bladder & urinary problems
  • Helps mild colds
  • Lowers fevers
  • Helps maintain metabolic function

Sitz Bath (up to the hips):

  • Beneficial for ailments affecting the abdomen
  • Inflammations
  • Pelvic congestion
  • Cramps
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Menstrual problems
  • Kidney & intestinal pains

Hot Footbath (up to the calves):

  • 15 minutes to relieve cold feet
  • Helps the bladder
  • Helps the kidneys
  • Reduces throat & ear inflammations

Cold Footbath:

  • Helps tired feet

Hot and Cold Footbath:

  • Promotes circulation
  • Helps varicose veins
  • Helps headaches
  • Helps insomnia
  • Reduces blood pressure

Contact All-Star Remodeling & Design today to learn more about our Elegant Walk-In Tubs - call 269-342-6356 or complete our online request form.

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