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The All-Star Remodeling & Design Process

Our comprehensive approach assures you that we bring the highest level of professionalism to the Remodeling & Design Process as possible!

Step 1 – Project Discovery

Our initial conversation with you begins the Project Discovery phase. We will find out what you’re looking to have done and we will ask some questions to help determine how we can best assist you. You will get a chance to learn a little about All-Star and how we operate and we will get a feel for your project and if it’s a good fit for our company. If we both feel it’s a match, we will schedule an In-Home Consultation and email our “What to Expect” document.

Step 2 – In-Home Consultation and Honest Needs Assessment

During our In-Home Design Consultation, our Remodeling & Design Consultant will continue the Project Discovery phase and conduct our Honest Needs Assessment. We will have a more detailed discussion about your project and your specific needs and goals, taste and style, and your time frame and budget. We will then schedule our next appointment, which will be our Design & Proposal Consultation.

Step 3 – Design & Proposal Preparation

Next is the Design & Proposal Preparation. We will begin creating your personal designs and proposals based on our discussions with you during our initial consultation and Honest Needs Assessment. We will create multiple designs, options, and ideas specifically tailored to you and your project! This typically takes 2-3 weeks depending on the scope of your project.

Step 4 – Design & Proposal Consultation

During our Design & Proposal Consultation, we will review and discuss the several different options that we have prepared for you and your project. We will also have samples ready so you can see the different colors, combinations, and possibilities that have been customized specifically for you!

Step 5 – Worry-Free Design Retainer

At this point, if you feel comfortable with us and the proposal(s) we have presented that incorporate your wants, needs, goals, and budget, along with superior design options that match your taste and style, the proposal is accepted and the decision is made to move forward with All-Star Remodeling & Design. At this point we will collect a fully refundable $1,900 Worry-Free Design Retainer, which comes with our Worry-Free Design Guarantee™!

Step 6 – Design Phase II

Once the Design Retainer is collected we will begin Design Phase II and continue to work on the final details and plans for your project until every single aspect is just the way you want it! Once the design and plans are finalized and approved by you, a thorough scope of the work is developed along with your Guaranteed Budget and the projected is schedule.

Step 7 – Final Measure and Remodeling Work Begins

Once everything is finalized to your satisfaction, we collect the down payment and schedule the Final Measure appointment. At this time we begin ordering materials and coordinating your project, and the remodeling work begins!

Step 8 – Final Inspection and Lifetime Warranty Promise

Upon completion of your project, we will conduct a Final Inspection to make sure everything is finished and flawless! We will also present you with our Lifetime Warranty Promise which guarantees our workmanship for as long as you own your home!

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