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What Do Roof Stains Have to do With Roof Repair and Replacement in Kalamazoo?

roofing kalamazoo miRoof stains can cause roof problems which mean roof repairs or a roof replacement will need to be done. Roof stains are caused by things that can wear, tear, eat away at, corrode, or infiltrate the roof shingles, although some roofing materials are resistant to such problems, like the metal roof.

How well your roof is constructed will make a difference on how long your roof lasts before it needs replacement. If your roof consists of the lowest quality materials, roof problem will mean the lifespan is cut that much shorter, whereas roofs constructed of materials like metal that stand up to problems can last for as long as you own the home.

Warranties vary according to how well the materials should stand up to common roof problems like impacts from hail storms, high winds, buildup of snow, and moisture resistance.

When you purchase a home, you inherit the previous homeowner’s decisions for roof replacement. That means whatever materials they chose for the replacement were used and may not be of very good quality.

When your roof has seen the end of its lifetime, you’ll need to replace it and what materials you choose will make a difference in how often you experience roof problems. If you don’t want to have repairs to make and want to wait as long as possible for another roof replacement, get better quality that lasts long and it could very well be the last you have to worry about your roof.

Of course, the roof will still need to be maintained and inspected for damages regularly, but you won’t be calling for repairs every time a storm with hail or high winds passes through!

But storms aren’t the only cause of roof problems. Stains are a huge issue that need to be addressed or the roofing materials will break down and you’ll wind up replacing the roof sooner.

    Common Causes of Roof Stains:
  • Sooty Chimneys
  • Bleed through of roofing materials
  • Defective shingles
  • Overhanging foliage
  • Clogged gutters
  • Growth of fungus, algae or moss
  • Snow accumulation
  • Water logged materials
  • Dirt accumulation

Roof Stains and Streaks don’t have to be from any of these issues. They can actually be:

  • Mold
  • Algae
  • Moss
  • Mildew

If any of these organic substances are growing on your roof, you’ll experience roof problems as well. Algae actually uses the limestone that’s in your asphalt shingles as a food source. Over time, the shingles break down and start to fall apart, just as if they were aged way before they were supposed to.

Keeping the roof clean and clear of organic matter is a major step in taking care of your roof and making it last longer. Roof inspections will spot other roof problems.

Professional Inspections are always recommended to find these and other problems that could be hiding in your attic spaces or walls. Give us a call to learn more about roof stains, roof repairs, and roof problems.

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