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Is It Time for a Roof Replacement?

roof replacement kalamazoo miThere is no part of your home that is more important to the overall protection and weatherproofing than your roof. When your roof is damaged in any way, several other parts of your home become very vulnerable to damage, so in a relatively short period of time, you can see the problems escalate significantly.

Once your roofing has been seriously damaged, it can be difficult to find a roofing contractor who will make simple repairs—they'll often try to convince you instead that a roof replacement is necessary. Replacing a roof is a job that will cost more, and some roofing contractors may simply be interested in an up-sell; however, there are times when replacing your roofing is totally necessary.

Understanding why some roofing contractors may be reluctant to provide repairs instead of a replacement can help a lot when it's time to make the decision. Here are a few of those reasons:

Contractors Feel Rushed to Make a Quick Diagnosis of Roofing Problems

While roofing contractors most likely make more money performing a roof replacement than roofing repairs, this is probably not the main reason they're avoiding roof repairs. Unfortunately, repairing roofs is often a thankless task for contractors. It can take a lot of time to come up with an accurate diagnosis, but most homeowners don't take that into account and don't count that time as valuable since they don't see any completed "work".

Roofing contractors feel rushed by homeowners to make a diagnosis as quickly as possible, so they're more likely to jump straight to the replacement as a solution. If they don't take the time to accurately diagnose the roofing problems, then it's likely that they'll provide faulty repairs, so suggesting a replacement is the simplest course of action.

To get the best results from your roofing contractor, make sure that they know that you understand it may take some time to accurately diagnose your roofing.

Roofing Problems Lead to More Roofing Problems

Let's say you have a roofer perform a few repairs on your roof, then three months later, you notice the roof is leaking. If you're like most homeowners, you're ready to blame faulty repairs and probably feel entitled to additional repairs free of charge. But it's important to know that this new leak could be totally unrelated to the old ones.

Roofers often have to choose between making a customer upset or caving and doing the repairs for free. If you want to get an honest and accurate diagnosis of your roofing problems, make sure they know you won't hold them accountable for problems in the future. Otherwise, they may be more inclined to simply tell you that it's time for a replacement.

Installation Problems Don't Show Up Immediately

If your roof has never leaked before, that does not mean that it was properly installed. Problems with a roofing installation can take years to show up, and in fact, the most common reason that roofing systems fail is that there was a problem with the installation. By the time the roofing starts to leak, the home might have changed hands, and there's no telling who completed the installation.

Sometimes, It's Time to Replace Your Roofing

If you're one of the lucky homeowners, by the time your roof starts to leak, it's been installed for over 15 years. If this is the case, it's probably outlasted its useful lifespan. There's a good chance that if your roofing is this old, it's time for a replacement by a reliable roofing contractor.

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