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Choosing Replacement Doors In Kalamazoo? Here's What To Know About Exterior Doors

remodeling kalamazoo miNo one has to convince you that it's time to replace the exterior doors of your home when they're old and drafty. You can do all types of home improvements but when you don't update the doors, the results just don't look right.

Replacement doors should improve the aesthetics of your home, true, but they should also add value to your property and increase the energy efficiency of the house. There are so many options in replacement doors to choose from. You are probably searching through all the information you can get, trying to find just the right replacement doors for your Kalamazoo home.

One of the most important bits of advice you can get is to wait to talk to a professional remodeling contractor before buying exterior doors. First, you will get a better deal from an authorized installer than you would by purchasing from a big-box store. Second, who do you think those big-box retailers call when they need an installation? Professional contractors! By going directly to the source, you bypass the inexperienced sales person who is only interested in making a sale. And you get the best advice from an experienced contractor who deals with and installs doors on a regular basis.

But there is a lot more to know about choosing replacement doors. Here are some extra tidbits you'll want to know from the Kalamazoo door replacement experts here at All-Star Remodeling & Design.

Which Exterior Doors Are Energy Efficient?

Energy Star qualified doors can help lower a household energy bill by about 7-15 percent according to the EPA. But with thousands of Energy Star qualified exterior doors, how do you know which one is right for the main entrance or patio door?

After all, it can be confusing since Energy Star divides the states into four different climate zones and then uses two different measurements that should be taken into account; the U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.

The U-Factor describes and measures how much heat or cold transfers through the door. Doors rated with a lower U-Factor will be more energy efficient. The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, or SHGC, measures how well the door blocks solar heat. Where heating is more prevalent, such as in Michigan, a higher SHGC is desirable so the sun's heat can stream in on cold winter days. If energy efficiency is important to you in our climate, it's best to install solid panel or flush exterior doors rather than those with glass.

Exterior doors in Kalamazoo, Michigan fall into the Northern performance criteria with Energy Star ratings. The rating is a little different for doors than windows because many doors don't have any glass. And those with glass provide more insulation than a window or a skylight. For exterior doors in Kalamazoo, we deal with brands such as Alside, Anderson, Jeld-Wen, Pella, Weather King, and more. These brands have some of the most energy efficient products available.

Only an authorized dealer and installer can help you with many of these brands of replacement doors in Kalamazoo. Call All-Star Remodeling & Design, your local replacement door contractor, for expert advice and service!

Wood, Steel, or Fiberglass Doors -Which Is Best?

The answer to which type of door is best for your home is going to be a personal matter of choice. There are many benefits for all types of door replacement products, so you'll probably want to do some investigating and figure out which features are important to you.

The fiberglass replacement doors are extremely long-lasting and sturdy. They have a no-dent, low-maintenance surface. Some even have a graphite enhanced core for extra energy efficiency. These doors are available in nearly any color as well as some textures, like real wood. Fiberglass replacement doors are perfect for any climate.

Steel replacement doors are the more affordable option today. They are a good choice for most climates and offer superior strength and durability with little maintenance needed.

Wood replacement doors offer the timeless beauty of all-natural wood. But, they need to be restained or repainted every year or so to keep them from splitting and warping. Only choose wood replacement doors if they are located under a proper overhang.

With multiple door configurations, panel types, and glass options, the options are endless!

Looking for a home remodeling contractor in Kalamazoo? Call All-Star Remodeling & Design at 269-342-6356 or complete our online request form.

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