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How To Prevent Ice Dams With Roof Repairs

Ice Dams

Ice dams are a common issue that some homeowners face in the winter. Homeowners often use ice dam removal services to do just that...remove the ice. Unfortunately, this has to be done over and over again because the cause of the problem is never addressed. The only way to prevent ice dams from happening is with roof repairs.

While sparkling icicles are wondrously beautiful, they can also be quite destructive. Entire sheets of ice can fall off the roof as the weather warms. This can also cause serious damage to your roof, gutters, paint, insulation, landscape and even the interior of your home. Prevention is definitely worth it.

So How Do You Prevent Them?

To understand how to prevent ice dams, you first have to understand why they happen. Why do they only happen on some homes and not all? They only build up on some homes because of roof problems.

Ice dams are typically caused by poor attic and roof ventilation in combination with the warm attic space. Insufficient or poorly maintained gutter systems can also compound the problem. Missing insulation near the edge of the roof in the attic and top of wall cavities can also cause ice dams.

To prevent them, the roof problem can't be ignored. Whether it's repairing the ventilation, the roofing itself, or the insulation, the problem will be solved once and for all. You will need an experienced roofing contractor to troubleshoot the problem. Follow their advice, and all should be well.

Older Roof? You Don't Want Ice Dams Building Up!

An older roof has already been through a lot. Structurally speaking, the roof has probably been through previous repairs from previous damage. At least hopefully it has been taken care of.

If you have an older roof, the last thing you want is to cause more damage because that means a replacement is going to happen all that much sooner. By all means, make sure that your roof is in great shape before every winter.

Not only do ice dams damage the shingles, they hold back the additional snow and ice so that even more builds up. All this puts more weight on the roof than there should be. This is how roof cave-ins happen!

We Can Fix Ice Dam Problems With Roof Repairs In Kalamazoo

All-Star Remodeling & Design has the experience and knowledge to diagnose and fix the root cause of the ice dams whether it’s problems with your insulation, ventilation, roofing or other exterior components.

Give us a call today to schedule your free roof inspection. We'll give you all the information you need to repair the roof so you can finally be free of this ice dam problem!

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