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Helpful Tips for Your Small Bathroom Remodeling Project

small bathroom remodeling kalamazoo miIf you have never conducted a remodeling project in your Kalamazoo home, the best place to start is a small bathroom. Because this area is used and relied upon on a daily basis, it has a substantial impact on your family's enjoyment of your residence. As such, you and your family are guaranteed to love any changes that you make to the space. At the same time, because the area is smaller, the project can be completed relatively quickly and within a reasonable budget.

If you decide to remodel your small bathroom, the first thing that you should do is contact a professionally licensed remodeling contractor. In Kalamazoo, the most highly skilled and experienced bathroom remodeling contractors are at All-Star Remodeling & Design. Their experts can assist you with every aspect of this project. They have provided the following helpful tips in order to help you get this effort started.

Consolidate the Vanity

One major objective in any remodeling project involving a small bathroom should be to open up the space that is available to you. One major portion of your bathroom that takes up a great deal of space is the vanity. If you have a vanity with cabinets in your small bathroom, you should consider swapping it out with a pedestal sink. This will give the area a more expansive feel, thereby making this living space more usable and inviting.

Take Out the Shower Curtain

If you have an opaque shower curtain in your small bathroom, it serves as a partition that divides up the already limited space. During your remodeling project, you should consider installing glass shower doors. This will allow you to view the entire room upon entering. By opening up the area, you add to your family's enjoyment of your Kalamazoo home.

Install New Lighting and Mirrors

One trick that you have probably seen played out before is how to use lighting to give an confined space a more expansive feel. This is a common tactic used in restaurants. There are many ways that you can accomplish the same goal in your Kalamazoo home.

One, you can install new lighting during your remodeling project. Two, you can reflect this new lighting throughout the space via new mirrors. At All-Star Remodeling & Design, their Kalamazoo remodeling contractors can help you design the perfect mirror and lighting system to tie your small bathroom together. By following these helpful tips and soliciting their expert advice, you are guaranteed to make the most out of your bathroom remodeling project.

If you need help with a small bathroom remodeling project in Kalamazoo, call All-Star Remodeling & Design at 269-342-6356 or complete our online request form.

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