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Accessible Design and Aging-In-Place Services

accessible design kalamazoo miIf you’re like the majority of Kalamazoo area residents over the age of 45, you want to continue living in a familiar environment throughout your maturing years and remain as independent as possible. Our professional remodeling contractors can help you achieve this with our accessible design services.

Accessible design (also referred to as CAPS [Certified Aging in Place] or Universal Design) is simply a way to increase the accessibility of parts of your home with creative design and planned environments. The goal is make sure that everyone, regardless of age or condition, is able to use each part of your home.

All-Star Remodeling & Design is CAPS certified and ready to educate and help you remodel your home with Universal Design in mind.

Benefits of Accessible Design

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, short or tall, healthy or ill–you might have a disability or you may be a skilled athlete: Accessible design works for everyone, and people who are very different can all enjoy the same home. That home will be there for all its inhabitants even when their needs change.

Put another way, Aging in place is the ability to live in one’s own home – wherever that might be – for as long as confidently and comfortably possible.

We are using the term “aging in place” in reference to living where you have lived for many years, or to living in a non-healthcare environment, and using products, services and conveniences to enable you to not have to move as circumstances change.

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Aging In Place Services

A significant concern as people grow older is that they may have to leave their home. This would mean leaving behind a comfortable setting, familiar community and many memories. In addition a certain amount of control is lost when one leaves home. This “control” provides the underpinning to our feelings of dignity, quality of life and independence. One’s home is a strong element in that sense of security.

Most American seniors desire to stay in their homes for the rest of their lives. In fact an AARP survey found this number to be greater than 80% of seniors. This “stay at home” approach is also known as “Aging in Place”.

As your physical and sensory abilities change, you’ll need your home to adapt. Here are a few of the home modifications we regularly provide:


  • Slow rising slope (1:12 or less) for safe navigation
  • Handrails for added stability and support
  • Wide (36″ or wider) walkway for wheelchair accessibility
  • Slip resistant texture for safety in wet conditions


  • Lever Handles
  • Swing Clear Hinges On All Doors, Which Widen Doorway Up To 2”
  • Deadbolt Lock Which Can Be Turned By People With Grasping Difficulty
  • Shelf Beside Entrance To Place Things, While Opening The Door.


  • Rocker Switches On All Lights
  • Electric Switches Max 36” From Floor
  • Thermostat Easy Accessible Each Floor, No Higher Than 40”


  • Sink Counter: Master Sink Controls Off Set 45 Degree Angle On The Side Of Sink, Single Lever Controls
  • Tilt Mirror 30-31”, Accessible Medicine Cabinets With Small Shelf Below For Placement Of Items
  • Shower Grab Bars: Wrap Around Inside Shower. Shower Curtain, Not Door. Hand Shower Extra Long Hose 80” With Diverter On The Handle, And With Offset Single Lever Control. Separate Wall Mounted Shower Head
  • Shower Chair Would Be Best With Arm Rests For Lateral Support
  • Toilet Long Lever Handle
  • Fold Down Grab Bar On The Side Of Toilet Seat
  • At Toilet: Install A Shelf Built Into Wall Between Studs And Extending Out, For Hygiene Supplies, Consider ¾” Edge On Front To Keep Things From Sliding Off. Approx. 32” Height.
  • Grab Bars To Serve As Towel Bars, Textured, Non-Slip.


  • Counter Height 32-34”
  • Sink With Open Below Access, Long Hand-Held Faucet To Reach And Fill Pot On Counter Or Stove Top.
  • Cabinets: Pull-Out Shelves Inside; Drawers Are Good, But Best With Easy Glide Hardware. Lazy Susans In Cabinets; Pull-Out Cutting Board Or Work Surface, For Where Counter Height Is Higher.
  • Microwave At Counter Height
  • Hood Controls At Front Of Counter.
  • Range Controls At The Front
  • Closet/Laundry Room
  • Adjustable Rods 48-60” Or Lower. 36” Space Between Shallow Rods And Shelves For Wheelchair Access.
  • Open Vertical Shelving With Pull-Out ½ Shelves (easy To See Into And Gain Access To Contents.)


  • Floors: Hardwood Floors Not High Gloss But Rather Matte Finish, Which Make It Too Slippery. Carpet Low-Pile And Dense.
  • Ability To Easily Open And Close Blinds/Drapes
  • Increased Incandescent Lighting And Specific Task Lighting
  • Easy Garage Or Parking Access
  • At Least One Entry Is Without Steps
  • Electrical Outlets At 18 Inches Instead Of 12
  • Easy To Open Or Lock Patio Doors And Screens
  • Lower Window Sills Especially For Windows On The Street
  • Programmable Thermostats For Heating And Cooling
  • Non-Glare Glass On Art Work
  • Peep Hole At A Low Height
  • Incorporation Of Emergency Response System Installed Or Wearable

If you need a remodeling contractor for an accessible design project in Kalamazoo, call All-Star Remodeling & Design at 269-342-6356 or complete our online request form.

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